Artur Hosrovyan

Head of the Night Mayor's Office in Kazan.
Artur has been the head of the Night Mayor's Office since 2017 As part of the Night Mayor's Office activities.
Helped organize and implement the following projects: Night Mayor's Office Headquarters for cooperation with representatives of creative industries, creative unions and commercial establishments. More than 5 meetings between representatives of the industry and culture and the authorities were held to discuss cooperation and joint projects. The Night Mayor's Office cooperates actively with city authorities, representatives of the industry and various subcultures. This work was done on numerous occasions for the Kazan City Committee for Tourism, the Committee for Children's and Youth Affairs, etc; Night Volunteer movement with more than 50 participants. Night Volunteers have taken an active part in organizing events at FIFA World Cup, and arranged a number of various evening and night activities (festivals, flash mobs, public space events, etc.). Over the period of their work the Night Volunteers have connected with the audience of more than 1 million people; Kazan was represented at the international summit of Night Mayors in Berlin, and our Night Mayor's Office has maintained friendly relations and provided consultations to our colleagues; Several media projects have been organized to cover night-time events, and more than 100,000 Nightlife Guides were published; A number of events were held to bring together representatives of evening and night cultures. Within its activities, the Night Mayor's Office supports partnership agreements and contacts with more than 50 organizations and nightlife venues of Kazan. The organization has also produced and organized events with more than 100 public food service establishments and concert venues. Artur Hosrovyan is a member of the Public Council under the Ministry for Youth Affairs.
19:00 — 20:30


Manege Central Exhibition Hall
1 St. Isaac's sq., St. Petersburg