Arne Kvorning

Director and Chief Architect of Kvorning Design & Communication (1960).
In 1986 graduated from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in Architecture.
CEO, Chief Artist and Designer, Architect, MAA MDD, founder and owner of Kvorning Design & Communication Bureau Copenhagen – Aarhus – Oslo – London – St. Petersburg – Yekaterinburg – Beijing. Arne Kvorning founded the Kvorning Design & Communication Bureau in Copenhagen​ in 1992. His company provides exhibition, interior and graphic design solutions for state, private and non-profit organizations in Denmark and abroad. Over this time he has implemented more than 5000 projects in 50 countries of the world. Arne Kvorning uses architecture, storytelling and design for creating museum spaces and temporary exhibitions. Besides, Arne serves as the chief artistic manager of the bureau, helping plan the working process, support and communication functions. Today Kvorning Design & Communication is the largest bureau of exposition solutions in Nordic countries, one of top five such companies in the world. During his tenure as the head of the company, Arne read hundreds of lectures dedicated to exposition design and development of various concepts on almost every of the continents.