Ani Avagyan

President, ICOM Armenia, Head of the Education Department, National Gallery of Armenia; Secretary, ICOM Committee for Education and Cultural Action.
Ani has authored and co-authored a number of articles and books. One of her landmark publications is the book published by the Cambridge Press Academy in 2016. The book is called "Written Communication: Tradition and Innovation", a collection of materials presented at the ICOM/CECA 2012 Conference in Yerevan. The book was edited by Ani Avagian and Nick Winterbotham.
Graduated from the Faculty of Museum Work and Preservation of Historical Monuments of Abovian Armenian State Pedagogical University in 2005. Then she continued her education at the graduate school of the Institute of Arts, National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Armenia. One of the milestones in her professional education was her participation in the intensive course on Museology at the Osaka Museum of Ethnography in 2009. Ani Avagian began her professional career in 2005, when she was hired by the National Gallery of Armenia as a research fellow in the Department of Sculpture. In 2010 she was appointed head of the PR Department of the National Gallery of Armenia. This department informed the press on events and exhibitions of the Gallery, as well as worked with social media and maintained the Gallery's website. She also started work on systematizing and processing information on arranging educational programs for various audiences. In 2016, upon appointment of the new director of the Gallery, the Science and Education Department was created. Ani Edvardovna Avagian was appointed head of the department, and she has been serving in this capacity to this day. As a result of her efforts, various inclusive educational projects were expanded and involved larger population groups, with much growth potential. Ani also served as the Executive Director of ICOM of Armenia in 2011−2017. In 2013−2019, she was elected member of the ICOM Committee for Education and Cultural Action (ICOM/CECA), and in 2016−2019 served as the Secretary of this organization. Ani Edvardovna Avagian is currently serving as Chairwoman of ICOM Armenia (2017−2020). In 2012, Ani organized the international ICOM/CECA Conference in Yerevan. In 14 years of her career Ani initiated and introduced a number of professional development courses for museum workers at national, regional, and international levels. Her professional specialization area is museum education.