Andrei Bode

Head of the Wooden Architecture Sector, NIITIAG, Director of the Research and Restoration of Wooden Architecture Monuments “Tradition”.
Director of the ANO Traditsiya specializing in working with wooden sites of cultural heritage. He leads a few pilot projects on preservation of wooden churches and actively cooperates with the project “Common Cause: Revival of Wooden Churches in the Russian North”.

Has worked in the Scientific Research Institute of Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning since 2001 and currently heads the Wooden Architecture Sector.

In 2005 defended his PhD thesis on Special Features of Ecclesiastical Wooden Architecture of the Onega Lake Region in 17–19th centuries.

Since 2012 has been the Advisor of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences.

In 2012–2018 had a side job in the FSUE Central Scientific and Restoration Project Workshops of the Ministry of Culture specializing in wooden monuments.

14:00 — 16:00