Anastazija Miranović

Director, National Museum of Montenegro.
Anastazija Miranović, an art historian, art critic and fashion designer, was born in Kotor, where she finished primary and high school, as well as primary music school. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, where she received a master's and a doctor's degree in the field of cultural tourism. A museum advisor, she has worked as the director of the Nikola Đurković Cultural Centre, Kotor, as the manager of theVelimir A. Leković gallery of the Cultural Centre of Bar, at the same time teaching History of Art and Culture at the state Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Since July 2013, she has been appointed Director of the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Property of Montenegro, a state body within the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture, and since May 2018 she has been working as the Director of the National Museum of Montenegro. As an art critic, she collaborates with journals in the field of fine arts and cultural heritage. She has curated many important exhibitions in Montenegro and abroad (2015 — curator and commissioner of the national pavilion in the Venice Biennale; long-time curator of the art programme in the cultural and art festival The Chronicle of Bar); she has been the president or member of respectable professional juries and commissions in the field of fine arts and cultural and historical heritage. She is a member of ICOM and ICOMOS.