Anastasia Postrigay

Art critic.
Founder of the largest online art history school, Op-Pop Art, in the Russian Internet. Every day more than 725,000 Instagram followers visit Anastasia's blog @op_pop_art.

Anastasia is a guest lecturer at the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, the Hermitage-Kazan Center.

Also, A. Postrigay is the author of two bestsellers in the art segment: "Falling in love with art: from Rembrandt to Andy Warhol" and "The Art Cheat Sheet". The books were reprinted several times by the publishing house AST. In 2021 two books by Anastasia with co-author Tatyana Grigoryan were published for studying art with children: "Great Art for Children: from Baroque to Van Gogh" and "Amazing art for children: From the Ancient World to Leonardo da Vinci".

Anastasia spoke on Red Square at the All-Russian Book Fair and presented her books in the largest bookstores in Moscow.

As an art critic Anastasia speaks on the central federal and metropolitan TV channels: Moscow 24, RBC, Mir; she also takes part in round tables with statesmen and managers of state museums.

As a columnist Anastasia writes about art for Harper's Bazaar, Instyle, Marie Claire, Finparty,, Inc Russia readers.

Russian theatre and film actors are fond of Anastasia's art lectures. Anastasia also collaborates with influencers and lifestyle and education bloggers.

Over the past 2 years A. Postrigay has published over 90 articles in the federal media, took part in the recording of more than 10 television and radio spots, acted as an invited guest in 8 collaborations with well-known YouTube channels, had 5 book presentations.