Anastasia Lazibnaya

Founder of the Federal portal for the Older Generation "".
Anastasia is a social business person. Her work experience is more than 15 years, of which 10 years is in the international media holding Naspers, South Africa, and the innovative sector of mobile technologies.
In 2011, Anastasia founded and ran the portal for the older generation, the largest federal independent catalog with specialized programs and offers for the older generation in Russia and the CIS. In 2013, the direction of the "Companies for All" was launched to collect, form and disseminate analytics on the best global practices of age diversity for Russian employers to create a labor market free of age discrimination. In parallel, the project is developing modern sociocultural formats: the annual “Podium of Mature Beauty” is held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, and Krasnoyarsk to demonstrate to society the changing image of the older generation and the formation of a culture of positive perception of age. Website "": Website Companies for All":
15:00 — 16:30


Samara Regional Universal Scientific Library
Lenin av., 14A, Samara