Anastasia Guseva

Head, Library and Art Residence SHKAF.
Marketer, Lawyer, Art Projects Curator.

Anastasia was born and raised in Saint Petersburg. In 2001 she graduated from St. Petersburg University of Engineering and Economics, The Faculty of Management as a "Marketer", in 2009 she received a diploma as a "Lawyer".

Through her professional career, she worked as a marketing director (marketer) and developed such brands as GRONDARD (a marzipan factory and a network of retail stores of the same name), DIXIS (a federal network of digital equipment stores), O`KEY (a network of hypermarkets), Idealnaya chashka (a network of coffee houses).

In 2008, she was involved in introducing the COFFEESHOP COMPANY brand of Viennese coffee houses to the Russian market.

Since 2017, she has been working in the Centralized Library System of the Krasnogvardeisky District (St. Petersburg). Currently, Anastasia is the head of the Library and Art Residence SHKAF.

In 2018, she oversaw the Art Residence open architectural competition to transform a public library into a new creative center. The result of the competition was the opening of the Library and Art Residence SHKAF in St. Petersburg in 2020.

In 2019, together with the team of the N.V. Gogol Central District Library a touch map "Gogol's Petersburg" was created.

In September 2020, Anastasia opened the Library and Art Residence SHKAF in a temporary format. The usual library turned into the space with adult and children's book funds, areas for rest and work, places for creativity and presentations. The photo gallery "TOCHKA" was opened, the first creative tasks for people professionally engaged in art were realized. SHKAF has become a library where music never stops playing!

In August 2021 the top-presentation of the SHKAF was held. New solutions for the space transformation were implemented - 15 electrically driven revolving cabinets. The newest multimedia resources were used to attract the visitors’ attention to the culture of reading and the development of the creative economy of the region. The team made it possible to use the library services all the day long as the street book return station was installed in the facade of the building.

A landmark event in the SHKAF history is the annual interdisciplinary art forum #примерноМЕСЯЦ, aimed to understand the interaction of 4 areas: literature, architecture, design, performing arts. The forum program includes lectures, workshops, concerts, performances and other forms of art representation.

In 2022, the SHKAF Library and Art Residence was awarded by the famous St. Petersburg magazine "Petersburg of the Future 2022" in the "Libraries of the Future" nomination.