Anastasia Dubrovskaya

Founder and head, Humanitarian Design Programs.
Author of research papers published in leading scientific journals.
In her 16 years of practice in the field of engineering and design, she managed to implement a series of socially significant projects at Russian and Western venues. Among them are inclusive projects that engage people with disabilities, temporary and permanent exhibitions for museums and exhibition centres, and environmental education centres at conservation areas.

In 2006, she graduated from Saint Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry, Faculty of Design.

Participant of exhibitions: DDW (Netherlands, Eindhoven), Ventura Projects (Belgium, Kortrijk), The National Museum of Finland (Finland, Helsinki), Dokuchaev Central Museum of Soil Science (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Director and designer of exhibitions for Kizhi Historical, Architectural and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve (Russia, Kizhi Island), the Museum of Fine Arts (Russia, Petrozavodsk), and others.

Also noteworthy are environmental education centres in the territories of such conservation areas as: Krasnoyarsk Pillars National Park (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), Kostomukshsky Nature Reserve and Kalevala National Park (Kostomuksha, Russia), Kavkazsky Nature Reserve and Rosa Khutor (Sochi, Russia) and others. Inclusive projects, art events, design programs developed in cooperation with the Russian Museum (Russia, Saint Petersburg), the Museum of Fine Arts (Russia, Petrozavodsk), and other institutions aimed at the social well-being of people with disabilities.

11:30 — 11:50