Alexey Orlov

Typhoon commentator, State Russian Museum.
Alexey Orlov is a sightless guide, typhoon commentator, cultural critic. Founder of the project "Tangible Petersburg", tours of St. Petersburg for the blind and visually weak.

Born in 1990 in St. Petersburg, he received a cultural education at the Herzen Institute. Alexey has been blind since birth. His life is a difficult path of a strong man who strives for the fullness of life sensations, crossing seemingly impassable barriers. And this is not a play on words — Alexey has been developing his project "Tangible Petersburg" since 2015, excursions with a blind guide. Such excursions provide an opportunity for the blind and visually impaired people to get to know the city better, and for an ordinary person to feel the familiar environment in a special way. In addition, Alexey with the support of the Institute. Herzen conducts consultations as a typhlopedagogue for blind people of all ages, as well as parents of blind children. As a cultural critic with typhocommentation skills, Alexey cooperates with the Russian Museum, participating in the creation of excursions for blind and visually impaired museum visitors.

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