Alexandra Isaeva

A specialist in adaptation of museum programs for deaf and acoustically challenged visitors, State Russian Museum.
She is an expert of Inclusive Museum, a project of ICOM Russia aimed at creating accessible environment for deaf and acoustically challenged visitors. She has been working with various museums of St. Petersburg since 2017. A speaker at various webinars and seminars on issues of cultural establishments accessibility for the deaf. A coordinator of sign language video guides for regular and temporary exhibitions of the Russian Museum.

In 2013, she graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical State University with a degree in Surdopedagogy. Due to her cooperation with the Russian Museum, the tours has been held there since 2017 with a translation into the sign language, and since November 2018, there have been tours given by deaf guides as well. Also, in 2017 and 2019, she coordinated development of video guides in the sign language for the regular exhibitions in two palaces of the museum complex. The same 2017, her cooperation with the Museum of Street Art started where the tours with translation into the sign language are now regularly given, and in 2019, a video dictionary of street art terms was created with their translation into the sign language. In 2018–2019, she gave tours in the sign language herself across the Hermitage Museum and worked as a deaf guide at three temporary exhibitions. She cooperated with the Manege Central Exhibition Hall (SPb) where the tours with translation into the Russian sign language were arranged and then — just tours in the Russian sign language. 

15:00 — 15:40
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