What is "participatory culture"? Why do museums need teenagers? What can the arts learn from IT? The Forum raises some of the most urgent questions

Pressing problems and tasks in the field of culture being the cause of concern for a wide range of industry professionals are annually focused on by the cross-sectional program at the Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

Extending beyond thematic sections and tracks, the events from the program bring up for discussion such important issues as inclusion in the arts, development of volunteering in Russia and attraction of new visitors to cultural institutions. This year, representatives of some the leading theatres and museums of the world, major Russian charities, diplomats and politicians from Europe and Asia will be among the participants.

How to make culture inclusive? The issues of making inclusive creative projects and prospects for accessible environment development will be reviewed at the meeting of the Working group on the creation of conditions for the participation of persons with disabilities in the cultural life of the society of the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation on Disability. The results of the inclusion’s monitoring in Russian arts in 2020 will be presented by Diana Gurtskaya, the head of the Working group and Chairwoman of the Commission on the accessible environment and inclusive practices development of the Civil Chamber of the Russian Federation. Events dedicated to inclusive tourism and participatory culture will be also held as a part of the cross-sectional program.

Why do museums need teenagers? How to lure them in? Experts from the United States, Europe and Russia will discuss attraction of teenagers as a factor determining museums’ development. Marjorie Schwarzer is a Special Guest of the event. She is an American museum educator, author the famous museum textbook Riches, Rivals and Radicals: 100 Years of the Museum in America and one of the founders of Children’s Museums in Boston and Chicago.

How will IT unite folklore and modern arts? Alina Saprykina, chief curator of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, jointly with one of the outstanding collectors of modern Russian arts Pierre Brochet will present "Folklore VSС Modern. The Arts of the New Reality" roundtable dedicated to interaction of traditional culture and current artistic practices. The "Folklore" and "Modern" will be viewed with the help of the programming method — VSC (Visual Studio Code is searching for connections between the original text and the one created with the help of the editing algorithm).

Why should theatres and museums create co-products? Representatives of museums, theatres as well as organizations supporting projects’ bringing into life in the field of culture and representatives of business will tell about effectiveness and successful experience of joint cultural production. Boris Yukhananov, art director of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, and Irina Chernomurova, head of the prospective planning department of the Bolshoy Theatre, will participate in the discussion among others.

How to engage volunteers into a cultural project? Professional Flow participants are invited to take part in a workshop-game, the purpose of which is to learn building interaction with volunteers in a new way, effectively and ethically engaging them in the cultural institutions’ work. The Vladimir Potanin Charity Foundation will present the results of the research of the museum volunteering phenomenon, which is rapidly developing now both in Russia and all over the world, as a part of the discussion "Museum Volunteer Society".

Why do we need cultural diplomacy? Representatives of international nongovernmental organizations, Russian and foreign public figures and prominent figures in the field of culture will discuss issues of cultural diplomacy’s development as an effective cooperation tool. UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Alexandra Ochirova and popular writer from the Republic of Kazakhstan Olzhas Suleymanov will be among the participants.