The Marble palace of the Russian museum will host the business venue of the Forum for the first time

On 11-13 November 2021, St Petersburg will host the central event of the cultural life of the country — the IX St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. Business venue, as usual, will become a place for the discussion of the most relevant issues concerning the interaction between business and culture and signing of the important agreements. A new location awaits the forum participants — the Marble Palace of the State Russian Museum, a unique architectural monument of the 18th century. The main topic of discussion will be adaptation to the new digital reality. This year, the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will be held for the ninth time, and the Business Platform for the sixth.

The Marble Palace of the Sate Russian Museum (5/1 Millionnaya Street) three equipped halls, areas for business communication and exhibitions will be available for the events. There will be panel discussions, public lectures and master classes, a business case marathon, and round tables. Experts from Russia, Italy, the USA, France, Spain, and other countries have been invited to participate in the Business Platform. More than 20 events are planned to be held. Traditionally, the Business Platform will host signing ceremonies in the cultural field.

A new feature of the Business Platform in 2021 will be a separate room, where presentations on cultural projects will take place throughout the days of the forum.

Live broadcast will be available on the our website.

"This year, on the Business Platform, we have brought together experts and specialists in culture and education, representatives of state authorities, politicians and businessmen, heads of national and international organisations, and opinion leaders to discuss a key topic in the field of culture — digitalisation. This year during the discussion sessions we will review successful cultural projects that have been implemented in the context of the pandemic and share our experience in digitalisation of cultural institutions," said the curator of the Business Platform of the IX St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, General Director of the A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum — Christina Trubinova.

On the launch day, 11 November, the Business Platform will open with a panel discussion entitled "Creative Industries — a solution to the Global World Crisis". Participants will discuss the market leaders' desire to attract creative professionals and the appeal to creative industries, as well as the transformation processes that are taking place as a result of the growth of the creative economy.

During the discussion "IT solutions as an snswer to new problems and market challenges", experts will discuss the application of information technologies and the advantages of IT as an effective crisis management tool.  

A panel discussion entitled "New skills and competences — what creative industries can't survive without?" The discussion will be attended by representatives of higher education institutions and cultural institutions, creators of online courses and HR managers, including Alena Vladimirskaya, founder of the "lena Vladimirskaya Career Lab", Katerina Cherkes-Zade, director of Universal University, Andrea Rurale, director of Master's programmes at SDA Bocconi School of Management in "Art: Management and Administration", and others.

The panel discussion entitled "Art Market after Pandemic" will bring together artists, collectors, critics and representatives of auction houses to discuss the most pressing issues in the art market. Participants include Margarita Pushkina, founder and director of the Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, and art manager, curator and collector Nikolai Palazhchenko.

The theme of reporting the museum as a space of inclusion will be extensively addressed during the forum. In this context, the State  Russian Museum is holding a panel discussion on "Recognition of art by artists with disabilities/psychiatric experiences by the museum community". Participants in the discussion include Natalia Petukhova, leading specialist of the socio-cultural communications department of the State Russian Museum, Alexander Ivanov, curator of the art studio of the "Perspectives" charity organization, and art historian Gleb Ershov.

With the participation of Ia Rostomashvili, an expert of the Public Chamber Commission on Accessible Environment and Development of Inclusive Practices, the presentation of the project "Understanding-assisting: modern technology of audio commentary technology interpretation in the museum space" will take place. 

The theme of integrating digital methodologies will continue with the traditional masterclasses "Digital Marketing for Cultural Institutions". Art historian and blogger Anastasia Postrigay will lead one of the workshops.