The application deadline for the "Culture Online" international award has been extended

The application deadline for the "Culture Online" international award has been extended to October 22, 2021.

Digitalization is one of the most prominent cultural trends. More and more unique ambitious projects are going online, which is why the organizers decided to extend the application deadline.

 Applications for the "Culture Online" award are accepted on the website of the digital educational project "Culture Online".

The"Best Online Project" category will feature a major project from the music, theater, or film industry. The "Best Collaboration" is a unique opportunity to showcase an online cultural project implemented by two or more companies. The experts will pick the most worthy project, implemented with the help of artificial intelligence, VR/AR, and other IT technologies in the "Best IT-solution for the cultural sphere" category. VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, and Twitter blogs about art and culture can be nominated for the "Best Social Media Campaign." An important role belongs to the "Best Education and Outreach Project" category, where an educational project that operates online can be nominated. A project that was previously implemented in an offline format, but was transformed into an online project during the pandemic, is eligible for the award in the "Digital Transformation: From Offline to Online" nomination. The"Cultural Gamification" category will feature the best mobile app, computer game, or online game related to culture.

The purpose of the "Culture Online" award is to encourage cultural institutions that actively implement online technologies in their work, as well as significant projects in the cultural field, carried out with the help of the most modern IT resources. Cultural institutions, creative unions, public organizations, associations, bloggers, and other organizations that have implemented their projects in the cultural field are invited for participation.

In 2021 the organizer of the "Culture Online" international award is the Russian Cultural Foundation in collaboration with the Directorate of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.