The All-Russian "Culture Online" Award Shortlist Announced

The Expert Board has determined the shortlist of finalists for the all-Russian "Culture Online" Award. Experts from among cultural figures, leading members of the media, and strategic communications experts assessed 235 applications from 43 regions of the Russian Federation created and operating online and/or by using IT technologies.


On November 3-9, members of the Expert Board headed by the State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Alla Manilova examined 235 projects of various formats such as virtual tours and exhibitions, master classes and lectures, films, broadcasts of concerts andperformances. The principal thing that unites them all is the use of advanced information tools and the Internet. The purpose of the "Culture Online" award established by the Directorate of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum is to support cultural initiatives in the area of digital space development. The pressing relevance of this process has become even more evident in the context of the struggle against the pandemic and the use of new methods of interaction with audiences.

The shortlist of finalists who have scored the highest number of points includes 25 entries. They are:


  1. Performance of the song "Victory Day" by a combined group of 1000 young musicians under the direction of Yuri Bashmet, timed to the 75th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Russian Concert Agency.
  2. Dante's Circles, TASS.
  3. VKontakte Arts Marathon, VKontakte social media service.
  4. 'Alone with Pushkin's Legacy', Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.
  5. Russo-German Music Academy online —to the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II, RCCR Projects GmbH.



  1. International Museum Festival "Intermuseum-2020", IFM "Intermuseum".
  2. Demonstration performance of the XIII Military Music Festival "Spasskaya Tower", International Cultural Centre "Spasskaya Tower".
  3. "Культура.рф" portal, Культура.рф.
  4. "Tretyakov Gallery with ...", Okko multimedia service, Sberbank PJSC, State Tretyakov Gallery.
  5. "Dance Open" online marathon, a non-profit partnership "Danse Open Festival".



  1. "Bakhmetyev Garage and Around It", Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre.
  2. "Museum of the Missing Paintings", "Russia Today" Media Group.
  3. Theatre in 360° "New Viewpoint", Bryansk Oblast Drama Theatre named after A. K. Tolstoy.
  4. AR-Quest "Code of Life", State Darwin Museum.
  5. Smart Museum, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.



  1. Launch of the digital platform, the musicAeterna company headed by Teodor Currentzis and VTB Bank.
  2. "WhenWe Are at Home", multimedia service provided by Okko and Sberbank PJSC.
  3. “We're Going to the Museum”, Odnoklassniki SM and Group.
  4. "PRO.Культура.рф", Культура.рф.
  5. Stay Home with Russian Seasons, "Russian Seasons" INPO.



  1. #ИзоИзоляция × НаединесПушкинским,Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.
  2. «Культурно» account in TikTok, Культура.рф.
  3. A blog dedicated to history, culture, traditions of the Russian people @dollinachudes, Zhanna Andrievskaya.
  4. The first instagram-museum,Dmitry Avdeyenko
  5. School of Popular Arts OP_POP_ART, Anastasia Postrigai.

The "Best Online Project" was leading among all nominations — in total, 100 entries were submitted. In this regard, the Expert Board decided to choose not one but three winners at once — first, second and third places, respectively.

Besides, during the discussion, the need for an additional nomination became obvious, "Special Jury Prize" that would embrace projects dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Geographically, the contestants represent 43 regions of the Russian Federation: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad Oblast, Chuvash Republic, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Stavropol Krai, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Amur Oblast and others.

There is also an international project that has brought together experts from Russia and Germany.


Applications have been assessed by six criteria:

  1. Innovativeness.
  2. Cultural value.
  3. Audience coverage (visibility in the media, number of the followers/subscribers, number of views, downloads, and so forth).
  4. Scalability / Potential.
  5. Social importance.
  6. User experience.

The awards ceremony will be held online on 11 November 2020 at 18:00 at the official website of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, in social media, and on the Культура.РФ portal.