France confirmed the status of a Guest Country


The French Republic will take part in the IX Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum, which will take place on November 12–14, 2020, as an official Guest Country of the Forum. 

The honorary status of the Guest Country highlights special humanitarian relations between two states and facilitates their development as part of furtherpartner cultural projects and programs. This status emphasizes the established friendly and partnership ties between the states and indicates dynamic development of such relations, puts a focus on the past, current and future cooperation for both parties.

The Guest Country status is usually awarded to the countries that host the corresponding year’s Russian Seasons international project. An opportunity to summarize intermediate project results is provided in the framework of events of the Forum. 

'The honorary status of France at the Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum will be a compelling symbol of generous and strong friendly ties that unite our countries,' Franck Riester, Minister of Culture of the French Republic, emphasized responding to the invitation of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation. 'Besides, two large-scale exhibitions will be presented at the same time in Paris —The Collection of the Morozov Brothers in the Louis Vuitton Foundation and Ilya Repin in Petit Palais. Along with Russian Seasons, this event will turn the autumn of 2020 into a landmark moment for Russian-French cooperation in field of culture.'

The Guest Country status will help improve partnership relations between countries, search and find new opportunities for cooperation, cultural exchange and active dialog. Preparing for the Forum, the Guest Country forms with its own program, which includes discussions and cultural events with participation of internationally famous activists and experts in culture and arts, as well as creative teams and performers. One of the tasks of the Guest Country at the Forum is to implement the 'culture for people' principle, introducing the culture of a Guest Country the audiences through the events of a public flow and a festival program. 

Last year, in 2019, the honorary status of the Guest Country of the VIII Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum was granted to the People's Republic of China. The official delegation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the PRC was headed by ViceMinister of Culture and Tourism of PRC Zhang Xu.The official program presented by the Guest Country included panel discussions and roundtable discussions on education, cinema and cultural exchanges, concerts, performances and an exhibition of contemporary art.