Forum of Slavic Cultures celebrates 15th Anniversary at the Forum

The Special Program of Forum of Slavic Cultures will include roundtable discussions with participation of directors of main museums and representatives of major publishing houses of Slavic countries, an exhibition and public readings of the best novels in Slavic languages and a fashion performance.

The Special Program status has been introduced at the Forum for the first time in 2019. This new status is aimed at achieving the most vivid and broad representation of organizations. The Forum will host 40 experts from the FSC delegation representing 12 countries. One of the key events of the FSC's Special Program will be III International Conference "Cultural Routes of the Slavic World on the Map of Europe". The speakers at the event where the Women Writers Route will be presented will be Ankica Puškarić, Director, Ivana's House of Fairy Tales, Biljana Dojčinović, Professor from Serbia and other experts in the field of Slavic countries’ cultures. The event moderators are Alla Manilova, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation (Russia) and Andreja Rihter, Director, Forum of Slavic Cultures.

Moreover, at the roundtable "Development of Cooperation between the Forum of Slavic Cultures and Regions of the Russian Federation" FSC will present the main projects and opportunities for productive cooperation with various cultural, educational and tourist organizations from Russian regions. The main duty of the International Foundation "Forum of Slavic Cultures" is to introduce joint cultural, educational and science projects, aimed at advancing knowledge on Slavic cultural heritage and creativity. After a short presentation, the participants of the event will be able to ask questions and discuss concrete proposals.

One of the key projects of FSC is "100 Slavic Novels": an international project, whose main goal is to promote modern Slavic literature created after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The FSC will pay special attention to establishing close ties between authors, translators and readers. The main event within the "100 Slavic Novels" project will be the roundtable discussion «The Universe of Slavic Literature: the importance of communication between authors and translators as exemplified by the project “One Hundred Slavic Novels”». The participants in the roundtable discussion will talk about the present and future of the Slavic novel, the place of the Slavic novel on the international market, and various challenges, which translators of Slavic literature face. 

The speakers at the event will include the head of the delegation, FSC director Andreja Rihter, Editor in Chief of the “100 Slavic Novels” Collection Dubravka Đurić Nemec, Director of the Slovenian Book Agency Renata Zamida, translator and professor Marianna Bershadskaia, Silvia Stasselová, Director General of the University Library in Bratislava, Serbian writer Aleksandar Gatalica as well as representatives of major publishers and book agencies of FSC countries. 

Slavic countries encounter similar problems in the sphere of museology, as they co-exist in similar specific cultural and geographic contexts. The participants of the roundtable discussion "Your Heritage is Our Heritage" will talk about the importance of the Slavic heritage in the global context and share the examples of mutual cooperation in the field of museology within the Slavic world and beyond its borders. They will also discuss how to strengthen cooperation and increase the influence of cultural institutions and what is the role of the Forum of Slavic Cultures and its Živa Award for the best Slavic museums.

Directors of largest museums and galleries of FSC member countries will talk about the importance of sharing knowledge on tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Slavic countries worldwide. The presenters will include: Sarita Vujković, director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republika Srpska, Elena Lyashkovich, Director, Yanka Kupala State Literary Museum, Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, Director, Gallery of Matica Srspka, Saša Mesec from Slovenian Alpine Museum and Živa Award judge Pavel Douša from Czech Republic. Among speakers there will be also representatives of the Russian museums.

The Slavic countries are brought together by common traditions and elements in folk costumes and modern designs: the Forum will also present a fashion performance Transformations: FROM the Slavic Clothing Tradition TO Contemporary Designs. Different fashion collections represent the results of the designers playing around with the rich heritage of traditional elements of culture of Bulgaria, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia. Clothing is not just an expression of own individuality but an important element of the collective identity. It is this part of culture that designers will present by actualizing the traditions of Slavic countries and determining their place in the contemporary fashion world.

With every day media are becoming significantly more important and become one of the key parts of culture of any country. At the roundtable discussion “National media — TV’s from Slavic countries” speakers will discuss common problems and challenges that the television of Slavic countries experiences, as well as the ways of overcoming these problems. The speakers will include representatives of Slovenian National Television Saša Šavel Burkart and Janez Virk, representative of Serbian TV Aleksandar Gatalica, from Croatian Radio Television Ivana Kocelj and Mikhail Efimovich Shvydkoy, Special Representative of the President of Russia for International Cultural Cooperation, will serve as the moderator of the event.

Registration to Public Flow events will open on October 1, and last until November 16. Admission to events of the Public Flow is by a free electronic ticket that can be downloaded in your Personal Account after registration on the website.