Audio descriptive commentary is a detailed description of an object, character, action or place that are not perceived by a blind person without oral explanations.
Audio descriptive commentary is used in cultural environment to describe exhibitions, films, performances, lectures, etc.
Art-mediation (from Latin ars – arts and medus – middle, median) is a new format of visiting museums, a modern method of interaction between personnel and visitors.
An art-mediator is a mediator between a viewer and works of art. In contrast to a tour when communication is one-sided (the guide speaks, the visitors listen), art-mediation implies a dialogue: the art-mediator urges the viewers to think and speculate, share their feelings and one’s attitude to a work of art but does not provide them with ready-made judgments.
Let's Play — shall be understood to mean a video, which participants demonstrate a computer game passing process, commenting on what is happening or reasoning on abstract topics – live or according to a pre-written script.
Floriography (language of flowers) — shall be understood to mean symbolism, meaning attached to the flowers to express moods, feelings and ideas.
Ostinato (Italian ostinato, from Latin obstinatus) — shall be understood to mean a composer technique based on many times repetition of a melodic phrase, rhythmic figure or harmonic configuration.
Chintz — shall be understood to mean waxed cotton printed fabric, decorated with a pattern – most often floral and plant motifs on a light background. The surface of the chintz does not get dirty and does not get wet it has a characteristic shine, as if a thin layer of wax was applied to the fabric.
Anamorphosis (Greek αναμόρφωση) — shall be understood to mean a special technique in the visual arts that became popular in the 16th century. Distorted images return to their normal shape only when they are looked at from the wrong angle. In the 17th century, it became popular already mirror anamorphosis.
Shedde – shall be understood to mean one of the most difficult to perform lint-free carpet type. Ornamental shedde patterns usually consisted of alternating squares — they were used, for example, as shawls. On the plot shedde, a large caravan was depicted in the form of long horizontal rows of the loaded camels. Camel depiction, a patient animal, according to the ancient beliefs, symbolized wealth, and the whole caravan depiction meant the eternal movement of life.
Parametricism, parametric architecture — shall be understood to mean an area in the modern architecture associated with the use of the latest computational technologies and digital modeling methods, which help to change the project parameters in real time.