The St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum is a unique venue for meetings, professional dialogue, translation of the most important ideas, and strategic solutions, including Russian policy statements for humanitarian issues.

The organisers of the Forum are the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Government of Saint Petersburg.

Mission and goals

The activities of the Forum are focused on international cooperation, mutual enrichment of cultures, and bridging differences via the consolidation of creative forces taking place within the Forum’s framework.

The Main Goal of the Forum is to introduce the latest trends to the professional community, review the most urgent current issues, and provide space for working out solutions that will affect the everyday activities of the cultural community in Russia.

The Forum transforms from the venue for discussions into the space for taking decisions. Its main focal area is the issues of global cultural processes. At the same time, special attention is paid to a look into the future and the unique role of culture in resolving conflicts.

Program architecture

In 2022, the Forum radically changes its structure and format. The new approach allows to enlarge the scope of the topic, make it cross-functional, raise questions and discuss issues of strategic importance, and take decisions important for the global cultural community.

The Main Programme of the Forum features four thematic Programme Units instead of the sections and inter-sectional tracks of the previous years, which are:

• "Arts",
• "Museums and Cultural Heritage",
• "Cinema",
• "Creative Industries and Modern Arts".

The programme of each unit drawn up by the most reputable representatives of the cultural industries of Russia is addressed to professionals from the creative sector and includes discussions, roundtables, meetings, workshops, conferences, and events in other formats.

Events arranged by Guest Countries and countries with special programmes, official events, agreement signings and award ceremonies are still included in the renewed architecture of the Forum.

The Practical Programme by Open Lectures "Culture 2.0" has an important place on the business agenda. This interactive venue for sharing the experience and the best practices of cultural experts, the creative laboratory and studio for cultural projects, aids in the introduction of innovative technologies, the development of horizontal communications between regions and territories, and thus the creation of new joint and cross-functional projects that allow for the efficient development of culture locally.

The Evening programme includes many first showings and cultural events for residents and guests of Saint Petersburg timed to coincide with the days of the Forum. Tickets can be bought using the resources provided by the venues where events are held.