Public Reading

Woman in Search for Herself and Happiness through Literature. Dialogue of Cultures

19:00 — 21:00

Acting and literary performance with excerpts readings from the book "Mrs Sartois" by German prose star Elke Schmitter (the novel was translated into 21 foreign languages, the Russian translation was published in 2021 by the Eksmo Publishing House). Also, it will be read excerpts from the books of the Russian writers Narine Abgaryan ("Three apples fell from the sky", "Simon", etc.) and Masha Traub ("Love arrhythmia", "Love with strangeness and without", "House for sale with granddad", etc.).

The second part of the event will be held in the format of a discussion with the writers and the event participants about search for the women self-identity in the 21st century, female happiness and destiny — of the past generation and the modern one, based on the literary and personal experience of the authors.