Round Table Discussion

Values of the Provincial Russian Culture and the National Element

10:00 — 13:00

In modern times, active work is underway to revive the artistic culture of ethnic groups and peoples living on the territory of Russia. Those engaged in the field of culture and tourism make an invaluable contribution to the creation of folk museums, choirs, educational and training programs. The round table focuses on the exchange of experience on the actualization of traditional aspects of culture. Presentation topics:

  • Forms of traditional culture in the modern world (architecture, clothing, cuisine, etc.);
  • Value dominants of the Finno-Ugric culture and ways of their actualization in modern society;
  • State policy in the field of culture and programs for the preservation of cultural heritage;
  • Patronage in the field of traditional culture;
  • Dialogue with society through the activation of the rural community in an online format based on cultural markers, social media;
  • Traditional culture as an object of museum management;
  • Problems of interpreting traditional culture inside and outside the country;
  • Contemporary representations of traditional culture (film industry, music industry, game industry).

During the round table, video materials about the national component represented in the theatrical art of the Republic of Mordovia will be broadcast on the screens. There will also be a performance of the Mordovian wedding ceremony — a fragment of the play "Tashto koise" performed by the artists of the Mordovian State National Theater.