Traditional Culture: Music, Dance, Theatre, Ritual

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the folklore section of the Russian Institute of History of Arts.

The humanistic side of folklore is equally important for retaining healthy development trends in the society characteristic for the older generation, and for moral education of youth. The following issues are going to be discussed: How to understand the comprehensive methodology? Is it possible to criticize it? Can all the sides of culture be studied concurrently, in parallel? Are collective or individual studies preferable? Does the meaningfulness of analysis increase or decrease in case of joint studies by scholars of various academic disciplines, representing different areas of ethnology as a science? Can an individual research approach cover related areas lying outside the author's primary area of specialized? 

The discussion will also touch upon the issues of emerging folklore forms, their ethnic and national uniqueness.

The event will last for three days. The program of the second day includes:

  • Panel discussion "Historic Emergence of Folklore Form in Their Ethnic Uniqueness";
  • Panel discussion "Coordination of Individual and Collective Forms of Study";
  • Presentation of the photo exhibition of ethnologist Marina Vlasova "Russian North".