Film Representation

The public talk with Paolo Genovese and Franco Montini. Special screening of the film “The Place”

19:00 — 20:30
"Rodina" Cinema Centre 12 Karavannaya st., St. Petersburg

The program of the VII Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum will include the special screening of the film The Place, and a meeting with its creator Paolo Genovese, a star of new Italian cinema, laureate of many film prizes, member of the judge panel of the Venice Film Festival in 2018. The discussion will be moderated by film critic Franco Montini, President of the National Union of Italian Film Critics.

“The Place” is a tragicomedy, became an instant blockbuster in Italy last year. The film was shot in a cafe in Rome but the story it told could happen anywhere. This is a story of a company of nine people who visit the same place to meet a mysterious stranger in the hope that he will grant them their dearest wishes. In exchange for the dream coming true each of the guests is offered unusual tasks to perform. The more difficult is the dream, the higher is the price. Each of the characters must make their choice: how far he or she is ready to go to get what he or she wants?

Paolo Genovese about the film: “The Place” is a film about the price that people are ready to pay to get something they really want. This is the kind of collision that every one of us has faced in our lives. Would we be able to commit something horrible if we found ourselves in the place of the film’s characters? This film helps us keep our own internal demons in check, and, in the end, understand something about ourselves. Yes, in part, this film seeks to amuse us; however, on the other hand, it allows us a very close look at ourselves from outside our point of reference and realize that here it is – the dark side of our nature, it is scarily close” (from an interview “Sins and Morals,” by Alexander Nechaev, Rossiyskaya Gazeta).

The events with participation of Paolo Genovese will be supported by the Italian Institute of Culture in Saint Petersburg.