Film Representation

"The Girls" and "The Siege"

19:00 — 21:00
Lendoc Studio, White hall 12 Kryukov Canal emb., St. Petersburg

As part of the initiative of the German and Russian Foreign Ministries "Humanitarian Gesture", which has been held since January 2019 and includes a series of educational events for students and specialists from Germany, an evening in memory of the Siege is to be held at the Lendok film studio for guests from Russia and Germany.

Withing the framework of the memorial evening film screenings will be held: "The Girls" directed by Maria Popritsak (2015, 52 min.) and "The Siege" directed by Sergey Loznitsa (2005, 52 min.)

  • "The Girls" (2015) by Maria Popritsak

"The Girls" documentary represents six stories told by women who resided in Leningrad under siege. They had different fates after the war but during the siege their life stories were intertwined with the history of victory achieved by the whole nation.

  • "The Siege" by Sergey Loznitsa (2015)

"The Siege" is a full-length documentary by Sergey Loznitsa about the Siege of Leningrad made in 2005 from authentic news footage from the St. Petersburg Documentary Studio. Only sounds were reconstructed in this film — the street noises, people's voices, snow crunching, air alarm signals, explosions and fire.