The Art of Collecting

15:30 — 17:00

It is generally accepted that the modern art market is characterized by a closed circle of persons involved in it. It looks like the art world is ruled by rich and influential people who acquire classical art at an exceptional price beyond the ordinary person's reach.

However, over the past 20 years, the art market has undergone a significant transformation. Now one can become the art owner not only through auction and deals. You can buy your favorite work in an art gallery specializing in different types of art, at a youth art exhibition, as well as in an online store or through the artist's social media.

Most art experts agree that contemporary art has become a major player in the global circulation of the visual arts. Collectors of the new generation are not afraid to take risks by investing in the works of young artists since it is contemporary art that can significantly increase in value, in contrast to the works of the classics. In addition, the creations of "rising stars" have much more democratic prices and are available for novice collectors and people who are passionate about art.

What art processes are taking place in the world? What are the prospects for the art market in Russia and the world? What art and what artists are worth investing in? What factors influence the value of art objects? And finally, who can become a collector, and why is it necessary?