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Special View of the Golden Ring

15:30 — 15:50
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Art, Science and Sport Charitable Foundation in the framework of the Special View program will present an inclusive project unprecedented in Russia, aimed at involving people with visual impairment in the cultural life of the society.

Since 2021, streets of the cities located within the Golden Ring of Russia become populated with tactile models of architectural monuments and cultural heritage of Russia that are accessible to blind tourists. These models include the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir, the Palace of Tsarevich Demetrius in Uglich, the Fire Brigade in Kostroma, the iconic site of the Holy Trinity in the Saint Sergius Lavra ensemble, and others. The models are made of bronze, the description of each landmark is written in Braille and placed on special information boards.

"This project is a special look at an architectural landmark that disrupts the usual "don't touch" attitude we've been accustomed to since childhood. This is a special view in many respects, not only for the target audience but for all museum visitors who get to see the architectural landmark from different angles. The model is not just a copy or an art object, but a historical reconstruction in a 1:100 scale," Vladimir Plekhov says.

By 2023, this resource-intensive project will significantly increase the level of accessibility of architectural sites and become a powerful impetus for the development of the inclusive socio-cultural environment of partner cities.