Opening of the Exhibition

Russian Avant-garde: Mechanics, Construction, Daily Routine

16:00 — 18:00

An exhibition that has united the works of art from the collection of eleven Russian museums will show how the avant-garde artists' interest in machinery and engineering was reflected in the art of that period and what impact it made on the human daily routine. Masters of this area promoted labor mechanization and popularized technocracy in the art and everyday life. The exhibition will feature the projects of bakery plants, commercial kitchens, portable and flying cities, the projects and photos of the theatrical scenery and costumes, paintings and graphic works that praise industrialization or experiment with new, "machine" forms and volumes. Samples of textile, ceramic products, household items corresponding to the specified topics will complement the imagery and will recreate the atmosphere of the everyday and artistic life of the end of 1910th — beginning of 1930th.