Rethinking Urbanism Based on "Hyper-Places", or How to Restore the Agglomeration's Connection with the Region

Sevkabel Port 40 Kozhevennaya line, St. Petersburg

Michel Lusseau, a world-class geographer and urban expert, popularizer of science, professor at the University of Lyon, analyzes the peculiarities of human reclamation of various city spaces in the era of globalization and the Anthropocene. In his book "Hyper-Places: New Geography of Globalization", he proposes analyzing the geography of the modern world based on prominent and attractive places in different parts of the planet, or "hyper-places" — development points of economic, social, and cultural life.

The lecture dedicated to Michel Lusseau's concept of "hyper-places", their role in the life of cities, and the development vectors of agglomerations on a regional, national, and global scale will be presented by Oleg Pachenkov, an urban sociologist, specialist in city sociology and anthropology, candidate of sociological sciences.