Plenary Meeting

Reading in the Digital Age

10:30 — 12:30
Badge, Additional Registration
Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library 3 Senatskaya sq., St. Petersburg

The last decade has turned the world upside down, changed the book culture and the reader. In essence, we have entered a different type of civilization now, where the volume of information is incredibly large, which forces humans to start relying not on memory but on external data carriers. We have entered a very different era of creating and consuming content, in which the very ways and types of reading are changing. Reading is becoming non-linear. This is the reading of hypertexts, which refer us to other texts. Human beings today are in the permanent state of reading, and reading is now similar to unraveling a scroll rather than turning pages.”

Are we ready for the challenges of the digital era? What is the reaction of the world and Russian culture to digitization processes? How is the reading process transformed by the digital era, and are electronic books and audio books bring as much benefit as the traditional reading? In what ways are content, readers and ways of communicating with content changing?

These and other important issues will be discussed by major Russian and international experts. Development of electronic book projects, support of innovations and startups in book culture will help strengthen Russia’s position in the sphere of digital development, integration of digital technologies, and, in the end, help the Russian economy grow. Achieving high quality results in these processes would be impossible without increasing the role of books and reading in the digital space.