Public Talks with Heroes of Media Culture: Dmitry Puchkov (Goblin)

13:00 — 13:45
General Staff Building 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

Thanks to the "Operupolnomocheniy" Goblin the genre of parody movie translations became cult. His phrases have been widely cited, and he has become one of the most famous media personalities of our time. Among fans of computer games, the Goblin has a separate crowd of fans: his distinctive style was recognizable long before the "goblin translations".  Furthermore, computer games are developed on a base of his books; some of the characters are voiced and even played by him. 

Today, the “Tynu40k Goblina” blog is visited by around 100,000 unique users daily. The blog presents various projects: film reviews, reviews of computer games, literary readings, and historical lectures. Goblin is the owner of silver (2015) and gold (2018) YouTube buttons.

We will talk about how to be on hype and always stay true to yourself, creative and commercial projects, a movie translation, and the world of computer games, censorship and much more with Dmitry Puchkov.