Panel Discussion

Professional Education at the Local Level: an Interdisciplinary Approach

General Staff Building, White hall 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

As urban development has become one of top national priorities, the shortage of qualified human resources has become especially more pronounced at the local level; these people are badly needed to approach the problem systemically, and not only develop new projects but preserve the valuable assets of the past. Concurrently, we observe a crisis in the education of architects in Russia: these academic programs do not provide the graduates with the necessary skills and competencies that are required to solve the problems cities face. What is the role of contemporary architects (chief architects among them) in urban development projects? What knowledge and skills do they lack? What must be changed in the approach to their education? At the same time, the participants will debate the issue of inviting foreign stars to separate projects and whether this policy is effective at the regional level, or new systems for interaction with the professional community of architects and customers must be created to educate the necessary talent locally. If yes, then how should these mechanisms function? These are the topics that the speakers at this session will discuss.

Access to the event for participants of the Professional Flow is by badge, for participants of the Public Flow — by printed e-ticket.