Presentation of the Poetry Collection “Dembel”

18:00 — 19:30
Bookvoed 46 Nevsky av., St. Petersburg

At the meeting, the author will present a new collection of his poems "Demobel", just released by the publishing house "Azbuka". Everyone can ask the author interesting questions and get an autograph.

“They say: there is no poetry, because it is not needed. It is not true! It is needed as air, because poetry is a concentrate of strength and happiness, and in our anemic society, both are in a huge deficit.

This does not mean that they [poems] should describe a rosette and a goat, cloudless beaches, or happy love. Poems can be tragic, desperate, painful, but still have to give the reader a feeling of happiness ... "To read Pasternak is to clear his throat," said Mandelstam. I would add: walk along the mountain path. Sea breathe. Today we have nothing like this. There are two or three poets who are pleasant and edifying to read; there are five or six authors giving the reader the joy of recognition, the exact word, the guessed sensation. But Russian poetry - poetry as a stream, as a context, as a powerful school with a centuries-old tradition - does not exist today ” — Dmitry Bykov.