Panel Discussion

Peter the Great: Personality, Deeds, Assessments

14:30 — 16:00
General Staff Building 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

The panel discussion is dedicated to the talks about the image of Peter the Great as a "Transformer" who changed dramatically the course of the Russian history, raised Russia to the position of the great power, introduced foundations of the politics, economy, culture and everyday life of the country, which up to the present to the great extent form the state development and self-perception of the citizens of the Russian Federation.

The discussion participants will talk about the following issues: the role of Peter I as a reformer: is it a personality factor or an objective necessity? Was there an alternative to Peter I and the "Naryshkins' party"? Where were the "Old Moscow" customs and order followers right and where were they wrong? Methods and nature of the Peter's transformations: were they the system reformation or methodless reforms? Contemporaries and descendants about Peter I: from "genius" to "antichrist".