Nurture the Russian art, cleanse it...

15:00 — 16:30
Multimedia Centre of the Russian Museum 8 Inzhenernaya st., St. Petersburg
A lecture at the Multimedia Center will focus on the early curatorial projects of Sergei Diaghilev and the strategy of the World of Art. Sergei Diaghilev has played a remarkable role in creation of a new strategy for representing the Russian art worldwide. If earlier the Russian art school was seen as one of the many schools focusing on its own agenda, thanks to Diaghilev and the work of his Mir Iskusstva (World of Art) Group, Russian art became a part of the international contemporary movement. The early projects by Diaghilev have become milestone markers of this process: In 1897 he organized an exhibition of Scandinavian art schools (those of Sweden, Denmark and Norway) in Saint Petersburg, in 1898 exhibited Russian and Finnish artists in the Stieglitz Museum, and in 1899 arranged the First International Art Exhibition. There were no separate national sections at the exhibition of 1899, and the Russian art was presented as part of the overall process of development of modern art of the time.