NFT is a New Stage in the Art History

12:15 — 13:45
State Russian Museum: Marble Palace 5/1 Millionnaya st., St. Petersburg

A non-fungible or unique token is a phrase that caused misunderstanding among representatives of the art world back in 2020. NFT technology has drastically changed the world of modern art and aroused great interest not only among cryptomillionaires, but also traditional art collectors.

Will NFT stand the test of time, art critics and cultural scientists? How profitable is it to invest in NFT-art and why are collectors willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for digital works? Will there appear NFT-art museums and will they need a virtual curator in the future? What rights does the owner of intangible art have and how to protect one’s copyrights in the crypto world? These and many other questions will be answered by NFT-artists, collectors, representatives of NFT-platforms and lawyers.