New Media and the Pandemic: Artistic Strategies and the Search for a Relevant Language

15:30 — 17:30
New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, Media Center 49A Fontanka River emb., St. Petersburg

During any crises and difficult situations in world history, a large qualitative leap is made in the development of certain areas and technological progress. The restrictions introduced during the pandemic in connection with the spread of COVID-19 locked most people in their homes, significantly limited interactions, and it is during this period that the Internet steps in and all social life moves to the worldwide web. The digital world is replacing social activity and the artistic field is also actively expanding in this direction. The art that has already become media archeology, Net Art, while the development of media art trends has skyrocketed, at the same moment the sales of VR glasses and all individual technological devices are increasing. The activities of art institutions are moving online, and the creation of projects in virtual and augmented reality is becoming the only possible way of retaining both the audience's attention and their own professional skills. Within the framework of the conference, projects created during the pandemic using new media technologies and implemented in the digital space will be showcased, and the authors and participants will discuss possible ways of developing the emerging directions, new artistic strategies while overcoming the pandemic and returning to normal life.