Show case

Neuroaesthetics and Future of Museums

12:35 — 12:55
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The participants of the show case will be presented with documentary research materials, the methodology of neurophysiological research of viewers' reactions to fine art in the museum space, research equipment and pilot results of studying the perception of artistic creativity of people of different ages and different degrees of involvement in art. A special part of the project is devoted to the study of the "reactions" of artists and their subsequent transformation into their own non-verbal creative activity (digital drawing).

The project is carried out with the methodological (hardware-software) and information support of LLC "Mizar", LLC "Neuroikonika" and the art gallery "Attic of Artists", St. Petersburg.

Russian Museum and I. M. Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry curators will tell you about the neurophysiological experiment in the Russian Museum, on how modern digital technologies are used in the project, and the expected results.