Museum Audience Study Strategies and Methods

12:00 — 13:30
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Nowadays, museums no longer act exclusively as custodians of the cultural heritage artifacts, carrying out awareness-building work. Increasingly frequently, museums are competing for public attention with theaters, cinemas and other cultural and entertainment establishments. Modern museum visitors do not wish to be passive contemplators of the cultural values but want an active dialogue with the institution that takes into account their interests.

This day, a museum can only continue to be relevant if it meets the audience's needs. To understand the visitor requests and successfully draw attention to the museum, it is necessary to perform a correct analysis of the existing and potential audience.

How to effectively research the museum audience? What audience study methods and strategies exist? Should the museum hire a full-time sociologist or contact a sociological agency? What are the differences in the study of the loyal and potential audiences? Does the museum need to research the Internet audience further and will this help to attract new audiences to the museum?


The discussion will be held at 12:00 Tyumen time (10:00 Moscow time).