Multilingual Symphony of Cultures

10:00 — 17:00

Multilingual Symphony of Cultures Festival is a joint event organized by the Strategic Center for Development of Translator Education at the Russian Academy of Education, St. Petersburg Higher School of Translation Studies at Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, and Interdisciplinary Center of Science Education, Musical Lexicography and Diachronic Translation at St. Petersburg State University.

The festival will consist of 3 parts — business and creative ones. November 16, 2018, before noon, a Roundtable Discussion “Translation in the Many-sided Space of Cultures” will take place. It will unite translators and linguists — key opinion leaders working in field of theory and practice of translation, including experts in field of the Russian culture who focus on it descriptions in other languages (Russian-Culture-Oriented English/French/German, etc.).

To share experience of transmitting specificities of different cultures in translation and creative writing. Argumentative issues of dialogue of cultures and tools of intercultural talk exchange, approaches and methods of promoting cultures, ethics of cultural contacts, cultural identity in literature will be addressed.

The following questions are on the agenda:

  • What are achievements and challenges of featuring other cultures?
  • What shape does national and cultural identity take in translation and creative writing?
  • What are ethical frameworks of featuring cultures in the text?
  • What is the spectrum of ways to promote the culture in language arts?
  • What is the place of a book in modern translation culture?

The second part of the festival will be a concert of literature and translation entitled “Feast of Translation”, where famous translators and writers will perform, and works in Russian, Italian, Buryat, Yakut and Vepsian will be heard. The best translations from languages of Russia, European and Oriental languages will be heard.

The third part of the festival is a scientific conference “The Art of Translation, Translation in the Art” devoted to challenges of translating literary texts and texts connected with art and culture. It is planned for translators — philologists and art historians — to discuss specificity of translating poetry and prose, memoirs and epistolary texts by artists, musicians, actors and dancers, as well as special fine art texts and musicological ones. In conclusion of the conference translations of Shura — memoirs of a famous ballet dancer Alexandra Danilova — will be presented.