La Veilleuse. Cabaret Holographique by Valentine Losseau and Rafaël Navarro

New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre 49A Fontanka River emb., St. Petersburg

It's becoming more and more difficult in the globalization era and the time of immediate information transmission to find phenomena determining specific features of a certain country's cultural code. The magie nouvelle (new magic) genre that originated in France 20 year ago has become one of such phenomena. Its creators Valentine Losseau and Rafaël Navarro employ the traditional illusionist's arsenal to create large-scale artistic presentations at the boundary of modern arts and mass public shows. The set up by them "14:20" theatre company cooperates with designer Jean Paul Gaultier, choreographer Philippe Decouflé, Cirque du Soleil; directs and stages shows and performances at Comédie-Française (Faust, 2018), Théâtre national de Chaillot and famous opera houses.

Only holograms are used in the new company's performance La Veilleuse, cabaret holographique (Nightlight, Holographic Cabaret). On the one hand, this is a certain summing up of the results when all companions-in-arms and friends assemble on one stage at the same time, on the other hand, it is a witty nostalgic answer to recent sanitary restrictions.