Image of the City: Progress in Cultural and Media Space

10:00 — 11:30
General Staff Building, Atrium 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

The 21st century has become the epoch of the winning visuality. Media, in the broad sense of this word, i.e. motion pictures, computer games, commercials, “lives” in social networks and even photos as search results in a browser, forms our general ideas of these or that cities, towns, and regions. In a fancy way, visual images combine an actual and imaginary city so strongly that it is often very difficult for a consumer to separate one city from another, and moreover the imaginary city seems to be more faithful than the real-life city. 

The session is focused on interpenetration and interaction of a city, architecture and media in a variety of areas and contexts – from metaphysics to administration. Media images as a tool of city identity formation. Old and new architecture in media (from selfie to large-screen motion picture) as a city awareness factor. A modern Russian city as a shooting location — possibilities and issues.