Plenary Meeting

General meeting of the Association of the Brass orchestras and brass and percussion musicians Valery Khalilov Brass society

15:00 — 16:30
St. Petersburg State Academic Capella, Concert hall 20 Moyka River emb., St. Petersburg

The plenary session will summarize the work of the Spiritual Society in 2019, including the results of the section “Creative Projects of the Russian Spiritual Society” within the framework of the National Project “Culture”. The plans of the Spiritual Society for 2020 will also be presented, one of the main sections of the plan will be the implementation of the creative project "Dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory ...".

The participants will make presentations on the topics of training specialists and the development of education in the field of wind performing in the Russian Federation, and will talk about the problems of training specialists in educational institutions of higher education, professional educational organizations and children's music schools, as well as the activities of municipal creative groups (brass bands).