From a Comfortable Environment to a Culture of Co-participation

16:30 — 18:00
General Staff Building 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

Over the past few years, our citizens have increasingly been dealing with projects to create an urban environment in which they are not assigned the role of passive consumers of ready-made spaces, but that of active participants in the discussion, co-authors of ideas and design solutions. "Projects of co-participation" are gradually becoming the norm in working with the urban environment. However, should this approach be limited to landscaping? "Collective urbanism", "joint design", "participatory budgeting — what awaits us next? In what other aspects of life of a modern city and society will there be a place for co-participation? Why this is not a momentary fashion, but a truly important phenomenon, why serious strategic decisions about the future of cities can no longer be made without citizens, and why modern citizens are not "cooks": we will talk about all this with experts. We will discuss with the invited guests what we know about the experience of cities in other parts of the world that launched similar processes at home much earlier.