Panel Discussion

Estate Property Revival as the Important Resource for Creating Conditions for the Harmoniously Developed Personality Upbringing and the Domestic Tourism Development

16:30 — 18:00
Cross-Sectional Program
General Staff Building 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

The discussion will be dedicated to the subject of the unique estate heritage of Russia use and maintenance.

Over the past few years, on the basis of the initiatives of the Association of Owners of Historical Estates, with the support of the All-Russian Popular Front of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, unprecedented measures have been taken to preserve the estate property.

The event will become an important stage in the interim results assessment of these decisions implementation, including the departmental project of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation "Revival of Historical Estates" (as part of the national project "Culture"). It is planned to pay special attention to the project discussion of the Country estate complexes involvement in the cultural and educational tourism industry, as well as creation of the info communication platform for the tourist routes navigation along the estates that are revived and in the process of revival.

Foreign participants will present the best examples of the integrated use of the similar heritage sites in their countries and the effective cooperation.