Film Representation

Energy Observer. An Odyssey for the Future: Finland and Norway

Sevkabel Port 40 Kozhevennaya line, St. Petersburg

The screening of a series of documentaries about the round-the-world expedition continues the collaboration of the French Institute with the crew of the Energy Observer — a unique eco-ship powered only by natural energy sources, the French ambassador of the UN Sustainable Development Program by 2030.

The Energy Observer's journey to the Arctic begins in St. Petersburg: for the first time in history, a ship fully powered by renewable energy and hydrogen enters the cold northern seas. On the way, the ship makes a stop in Finland: the crew visits a prison where prisoners are engaged in maintaining forests — then goes to the epicenter of climate change in Svalbard. Here the team is greeted by the abandoned city of Pyramiden, where a coal mine was located during the Soviet period. The next destination is the Tunabreen Glacier, which is rapidly decreasing due to global warming.