Ecosystem of Creative Education in the Sphere of Stage Arts: Space of Global Interaction

14:00 — 17:00
St. Petersburg State University, Assembly hall 7-9 Universitetskaya emb., St. Petersburg

The panel discussion "Design of educational programs of the future in the sphere of Performing Arts".

Session "Eco-system of creative education in the sphere of stage arts: Space of Global Interaction" has been dedicated to the Year of the Theatre in Russia. Leaders of creative schools of Russia, Europe, China, Japan and the US, who are working on creating the "image of the future" in theatre and music education space, will talk about international standards of professional education in creative university programs, discuss the future development of creative education programs in classical universities and appraise the role of private educational institutions in professional maturation of young actors.

The event will take two days. The key event of Day 1 program is the panel discussion entitled "Design of educational programs of the future in the sphere of Performing Arts" will be held on the stage of the Assembly Hall of the 12 Colleges Building. The discussion will be moderated by Galina Zhukova and Aleksandr Khalyuta, instructors of creative education programs at Saint Petersburg State University.