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Do Touch

15:00 — 15:20
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The "Touching History" project is about how art historians and scientists reconstruct cultural and architectural items for people with disabilities to learn more about them. Tactile exhibits are created and their technical support (audio description, descriptions in Braille, etc.) is provided in scope of the project. These unique technologies make visiting exhibitions and museums for people with disabilities engaging and easy. All exhibits of the reconstruction are tactile. Models can be not only looked at but also touched; thus, blind and deaf-blind people can connect with the history on an equal footing with other visitors of the exhibition. Many models are made of special materials conveying not only the form, but also tactile features of the original.

During the session, the speakers will reveal technical features of creating unique stands, tell about the important nuances that must be taken into account to make each exhibit accessible and interesting for the blind and deaf-blind people.