Round Table Discussion

Crimea’s Southern Coast: World Heritage Territory

14:00 — 15:30
General Staff Building 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

Event in cooperation with section “Museums and Exhibition Projects”.

In April 2018 a group of experts of “SCC as World Heritage Site” Project organized by the Likhachev Foundation and the State Hermitage Museum (with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation) held a survey of the Southern Coast of the Crimea as a natural and cultural heritage site and developed a list of proposals for its preservation.

The Southern Coast of Crimea (some 70 km long) is a unique location not only for Russia but for the world as a whole. 

In terms of its climate, natural beauty and mountain, coastal and sea landscapes, it is comparable to the best locations on the Mediterranean coast - Cote d’-Azur and the Amalfi Coast, UNESCO Heritage sites.  It is made absolutely unique and exclusive as the only such large-scale human-made area. The SCC had initially been a state project in Russia; the government of the country supported those who invested considerable sums of money into construction of parks and estates in the area.  As a result of those efforts, the SCC today is a unique site of a great many historical, cultural and natural monuments.  The SCC heritage today is in need of effective protection measures, which is only possible within the framework of a special state project.

One of the main conclusions made by the expert group regards the legal validity of the project to delineate, describe and promote the cultural sites of the SCC for inclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage List. This can help define the main principles and tasks for this territory; the latter will be implemented as a part of the target state program for preservation of SCC heritage and the measures taken to promote it as a cultural tourism development space.

The topics for the roundtable discussion are:

  • A review of existing concepts and approaches to developing the SCC within the framework of regional and federal cultural policies;
  • Cultural and natural heritage of the SCC and the necessary steps for its protection at the federal level;
  • The potential and viability of developing the concept of the SCC as a World Heritage site. The SCC and its place among other heritage sites of Russia and the rest of the world;
  • Uniqueness and universal value of various types of heritage on the SCC (a brief review of expert conclusions on various types of SCC heritage);
  • UNESCO and ICOMOS trends regarding defining and including new sites into the World Heritage list.

The event has been organized by the State Hermitage Museum and Likhachev Foundation.

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