Creative Industries as a Way out of the Global Crisis

10:00 — 11:30
State Russian Museum: Marble Palace 5/1 Millionnaya st., St. Petersburg

The UN General Assembly has declared 2021 as the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. As we face a global world crisis, the creative economy's potential to encourage people-centered, inclusive development is more relevant than ever.

Digitalization, development of the intellectual property market, and innovation are essential objectives for the creative industries. Creative professions are becoming more and more in demand not only in the framework of their activities, as the ability to compete in many other sectors depends on them. They create added value and generate innovations.

How does the creative economy change our world, and how do creativity, science, and technology fuse to create innovation? What global challenges is the world facing today, and how does the creative economy respond to them? How is creativity becoming the key factor in the never-ending race to develop new products and new markets? Why do market leaders strive to attract creative professionals and turn to creative industries?