Contemporary Performance in Non-Theatre Spaces

11:00 — 13:00
Ilya Ulyanov State Pedagogical University Lenina sq., 4/5, Ulyanovsk

Development of informational and digital technologies and their active introduction into our everyday life changes how we communicate and perceive things. These changes create a new tonality in our relationship with the audience that no longer wishes to be just passive observers. Contemporary art is especially prone to these influences. In particular, the theatre works to find new ways of communicating with audiences.

Theatre performances today are very different, but all of them seek to involve the spectator fully in what is going on. The venue plays a significant role in organizing this interaction. The installation show takes us to museum or gallery spaces. Immersive shows can take place in a mansion or a long-abandoned plant, and the promenade show happens in city streets.

What makes theatre performances modern? What difficulties do the creators of shows in unusual settings face? Can non-theatre settings help find a common language with the audience, touching upon burning social issues and present-day problems? Is the modern theatre an art for sophisticated intellectuals? How should the audience members prepare themselves for shows in unconventional settings?

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